President Addresses Tres Dias Community

Sounds official, doesn’t it? Well, the president is Gordon Quimby who heads up our community here in Fairfield County, Ct. He had our attention yesterday afternoon as we gathered together to greet the newest members of the growing Tres Dias community, the Wonderful Women of Weekend #93. But before we sponsors, friends and relatives had a chance to welcome them, Gordon reminded us that the real value of Tres Dias goes way beyond the weekend. The blessing we share is our growth as lay leaders within our own churches and communities. That was what happened again as lay leaders and spiritual directors came together in love and ran a retreat. They didn’t do it alone, by any means. “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20.

One of the things we learn by serving on team is that it is not about us, and listening to the women tell of their experiences filled our hearts, minds and eyes with renewed joy for them and for all who will encounter them today and every day as they move forward in their walk. Our Lord does amazing things when we come together in His name, so come. Your chance to meet these women is at the Secuela at New Life Community UMC in New Fairfield, CT this Friday evening. See you there. Directions